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Wednesday July 17th, 2024

This is where my research and findings are documented! While this is intended for my own personal quick references, feel free to have a look around! Whenever I come across something I don't fully understand (or it's something I understand and deem it important enough), I take the time to look into things and then start documenting it! In the long run, more and more topics and articles will be included, resulting in a comprehensive collection - all in one easy to find location!

Below is a summary of the current categories and what they entail:

Blender: So far, topics range from things like tips and tricks and startup troubleshooting to various Blender setups used. Future topics to investigate and document include solutions to common modelling problems, vanilla out-of-the-box hard surface modelling, more various in-depth map baking and more!

Python: Current topics include detailed examples/explanations for lambda functions and list comprehensions. Future documentations will include topics like closures, more in-depth information regarding classes, iterators, generators, recursion/memoization and more! Why is there Python on this art portfolio website? Because of Blender's API, which is foundational to scripting!

Consider this a series of living breathing documents that will be amended periodically!